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Our CD Optimizer

CDOP: our CD Optimizer made its industry debut right on the floor of the SPIE Conference for Advanced Lithography in San Jose, CA from February 28th - March 1, 2023.  Thank you to all who stopped by booth #739 to learn how the CDOP eliminates CD variations. Thank you also to our entire team for making this possible & our partner Milara Inc. for arranging safe transport of CDOP to the West Coast. 

Photo courtesy of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

CDOP is the first 200mm semiconductor industry solution to offer the following benefits and unrivaled correction results. Corrections are made to systematic CD errors across the wafer, CDs to target with nanometer precision, both global and in-die errors, and CD errors from all other sources.


This is while each wafer pixel (0.5 x 0.5mm) is given a unique correction and CD correction occurs at 125,000 locations at 120 WPH. CDOP delivers >3X reduction of CD variation.

Please see the CDOP case study results below and information about CD testing available at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Microelectronics Laboratory in Lincoln, MA. These documented improvements are available now.

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